Brandon the Crow at The Oxymoron


The Oxymoron was honoured for a short time over Spring/summer to host Brandon the crow who fell out of his nest in local Archbishop’s Park. He formed a strong, if slightly dysfunctional bond with the Landlord (pictured), at which point we had to decide, while consulting Brandon, on his best prospects for the future.

So it was with a heavy heart that the Landlord, William, took Brandon(or possibly Brandy because it is actually nigh on impossible to sex a crow unless you see it lay an egg) to a sanctuary for “Delinquent Corvids” in Hounslow, where, according to owner Chris, he has thrived and outgrown all the human imprinting he endured at our hands. He/she was last seen heading off with a cohort of corvids to a suitably well-appointed piece of woodland way out west.  All is well. Here’s some more pics…

20190619_12430420190619_224254 (1)


20190619_171259 (1)

If you are interested in the work that Chris does with crows and other creatures, or wish to make a donation to this worthy cause  these are his details: CW Wildlife Rescue. Website:  Email: