Thank you customers of 2019.

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The Oxymoron would like to thank all our customers who made 2019 such a great year and those of you that came over Xmas and New Year in particular. Please come back in 2020 and we will do our best to make your visit memorable, well passably pleasant at the very least. Remember:  Beer and cheer in a congenial atmosphere!

Just to confirm – we don’t do food but you can bring your own or order a takeaway to eat here! We have cutlery and plates if you need them.

Interesting goings-on and a bit of politics

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We have had a busy time since the end of the summer. Ukuleles were played (lots of them), poetry was recited (to applause), Simon and the Witch played a magical set, Andy Martinez and friends created ambience on Hunters’ Moon,  the Halloween decorations went up (come and see them) and we made a political statement in our entrance lobby (pictured).

We would like to reiterate that if you wish to come along and find that you are hungry, we will happily allow you/encourage you, to order a takeaway to eat here, at our tables, using our knives and forks if necessary. All kinds of food goes well with our drinks, so we think you should have options… are welcome.

Brandon the Crow at The Oxymoron


The Oxymoron was honoured for a short time over Spring/summer to host Brandon the crow who fell out of his nest in local Archbishop’s Park. He formed a strong, if slightly dysfunctional bond with the Landlord (pictured), at which point we had to decide, while consulting Brandon, on his best prospects for the future.

So it was with a heavy heart that the Landlord, William, took Brandon(or possibly Brandy because it is actually nigh on impossible to sex a crow unless you see it lay an egg) to a sanctuary for “Delinquent Corvids” in Hounslow, where, according to owner Chris, he has thrived and outgrown all the human imprinting he endured at our hands. He/she was last seen heading off with a cohort of corvids to a suitably well-appointed piece of woodland way out west.  All is well. Here’s some more pics…

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If you are interested in the work that Chris does with crows and other creatures, or wish to make a donation to this worthy cause  these are his details: CW Wildlife Rescue. Website:  Email:

Tourist Guide to SE11 Postcards for sale!!

The Oxymoron is currently selling  Rachel Taylor’s anti-regeneration postcards featuring the best and worst bits of Kennington and Vauxhall taken over the last two years.

Rachel is a proud Vauxhall resident, who has been photographically documenting North Lambeth for nigh on twenty years and is perfectly qualified to be SE11’s tourist guide par excellence.

Individual postcards are 50p. Pack of 12 for 4.00 pounds.