I Was Away: A night of poems & realignment. Thurs 10th October. Hosted by Jamie Lee and Alzar Saboteuse Fielden.

71336400_10157934935518338_8627300506827489280_oLook at this!! Poetry is coming to The Oxymoron with hosts Jamie Lee and Alzar Saboteuse Fielden. Thurs 10th Oct. Pretty much unmissable.

Starting at 7.30pm this event promises to be an entertaining erudite evening of well-regarded poetry. We are very proud and excited about this, so much so that words actually fail us and we will leave it to Jamie Lee to give an outline of what to expect:

After finishing recent studies and the summer we’d like to invite you to a night of poetry which showcases new work of friends and comrades from the last year. Very informal setting where poets can share new work or old however they choose.

Really excited to have some great and poignant poets reading this time around!

Ed Luker’s new collection ‘Heavy Waters’ was published this month by The 87 Press and is an ambitious and humane collection that deals with questions of representation and remembrance of its difficult subject matter. According to his publishers the collection ‘is a mixture of poetic and prosaic workings on the sea, borders, and border violence.’ We saw him read last month and were completely blown away. Not to be missed.

Sarah Fletcher is an American-British poet currently living in London. Her poetry has been published in The Rialto, the London Magazine, and the Morning Star. She has been a Foyle Young Poet of the Year and a two-time recipient of the Christopher Tower Poetry Prize. Her pamphlet ‘Typhoid August’ won the New Poets Prize and was published by Smith Doorstep last year.

Patrick Davidson Roberts was born in 1987 and grew up in Sunderland and Durham. He was editor of The Next Review magazine 2013 – 2017, and co-founded Offord Road Books in 2017. He is a contributing editor to The Poetry Archive, and reviews for The Poetry School. His debut collection, The Mains, was published in 2018 by Vanguard Editions.

House favourites who will also read include:

Magdalene Forés
Clare Mulley
Alan Fielden
Elliot C. Chambers
Beth Deans

As usual we dedicate the night to a particular poet whose work we shall read at the beginning of the event. That poet is the late, great Barry MacSweeney.

Look forward to seeing you all at this free and open event.


Hunters Moon Party! Sunday 13th October


Full Moon Party, gather your harvest and store your nuts before winter comes. DJ’s play rock, electronic and indie sounds on vinyl with suprise guests likely to turn up. We start when the moon rises at 5.10pm and finish before midnight.

Yes here at The Oxymoron we like to stir things up a bit as the darkness closes in. Andy Martinez hosts this celebration of all things autumn through the medium of great vinyl tracks. Unmissable.

Get Festive at The Oxymoron

We have been accused of being the ultimate Xmas Pub. Probably because our cheer, beer and decor exceed expectations all year, especially come Halloween and Christmas. We generally manage to accommodate quite a jovial crowd most nights, but things can get busy around the end of the year, which is why it would be a good idea to contact us if you wish to book some seating around a table or two.

Best contact would be email: asilhendry@gmail.com or through our facebook page: The Oxymoron.

We can also negotiate prices on bottles of wine and Prosecco if you think you are going to get through a fair bit.


Interior of Oxymoron Royal Oak Fitzalan Street SE11 6QU
Interior of Oxymoron Royal Oak Fitzalan Street SE11 6QU


Brandon the Crow at The Oxymoron


The Oxymoron was honoured for a short time over Spring/summer to host Brandon the crow who fell out of his nest in local Archbishop’s Park. He formed a strong, if slightly dysfunctional bond with the Landlord (pictured), at which point we had to decide, while consulting Brandon, on his best prospects for the future.

So it was with a heavy heart that the Landlord, William, took Brandon(or possibly Brandy because it is actually nigh on impossible to sex a crow unless you see it lay an egg) to a sanctuary for “Delinquent Corvids” in Hounslow, where, according to owner Chris, he has thrived and outgrown all the human imprinting he endured at our hands. He/she was last seen heading off with a cohort of corvids to a suitably well-appointed piece of woodland way out west.  All is well. Here’s some more pics…

20190619_12430420190619_224254 (1)


20190619_171259 (1)

If you are interested in the work that Chris does with crows and other creatures, or wish to make a donation to this worthy cause  these are his details: CW Wildlife Rescue. Website: cwwildliferescue.com  Email: cwwildliferescue@yahoo.com